Dr. Boaz Man Invited to Speak at Major Veterinary Conference

Fetch DVM360 Conference

Dr. Boaz Man Invited to Speak at Major Veterinary Conference

Fetch DVM360 Conference

Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital’s own medical director and owner, Dr. Boaz Man, has been invited to speak in February at one of the largest U.S. veterinary conferences. Veterinarians attend the Fetch DVM360 conference to learn about new technology and updates in veterinary medicine to ultimately improve their practices and provide their patients with the best medicine. Dr. Man was an easy choice, since these goals clearly align with his own values.

Dr. Man strongly believes that staying on the cutting edge of technology is essential for practicing the best medicine. He is committed to providing his clients and patients the most advanced techniques and treatments to deliver the best service possible.

I was honored when Dr. Adam Christman of Fetch DVM 360 asked me to present two ‘hot topics’ at the conference in February,” Dr. Man says. “For me, it has always been a privilege to demonstrate how we provide excellent care for pets. Sharing real stories in our AAHA-accredited animal hospital has allowed our team to showcase our commitment to providing excellent care for pets.

Virtual 2021 Fetch DVM360 Conference

The Virtual 2021 Fetch DVM360 Conference will be held February 25 to 27, and will offer hundreds of learning opportunities for veterinary professionals. Only the most distinguished veterinarians are invited to speak, and Dr. Man considers it a great honor to be included in the lineup. The conference, which will be held virtually this year, will allow speakers to reach a larger audience than ever before, and Dr. Man will be able to share his experience with thousands of veterinary professionals. His lectures will focus on how technology has changed veterinary medicine, and how current technology can help veterinarians, their clients, and their patients.

Dr. Man is excited to share his recent digital cytology experiences with Fetch DVM360 conference attendees, since Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital was one of the first hospitals to adopt this new technology. Digital cytology has been a game changer in Dr. Man’s practice, allowing him to diagnose a variety of medical conditions more quickly and accurately. Digital cytology allows veterinarians to digitally submit an entire slide for pathology review and receive results in less than two hours. Most veterinarians interpret their own slides or send them to a reference laboratory for a pathologist to review, which takes several days. But, with digital cytology, prepared slides are simply inserted into a table-top instrument that captures a high-resolution image, which is submitted to IDEXX, the country’s largest veterinary reference laboratory, for review by an expert veterinary pathologist. Results are ready in two hours or less, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and the veterinarian receives a report with slide images.

Digital cytology in practice

Rapid, real-time results allow for faster diagnosis of medical problems, and faster treatment. Dr. Man says, “According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), millennials are now the largest pet-owning demographic in the U.S., and they have modern expectations. Millennials expect rapid service and immediate answers. Digital cytology is the logical progression in this trend, as it closes the diagnostic loop for pet parents who are waiting and worrying, and helps provide expedient and excellent pet care. Digital cytology allows for almost real-time specialist review—under an hour in many cases—by a pathologist, which enables rapid case management. When we fast-track diagnoses, treatments, and further diagnostics, we improve patient care and their overall outcomes.”

For example, digital cytology allows Dr. Man to diagnose a pet’s lump as cancerous or benign, and to surgically remove the lump the same day. For a pet owner waiting for their beloved companion’s possible cancer diagnosis, real-time results mean the difference between several days of anguish, or immediate treatment. Digital cytology can be used to evaluate all types of cellular samples, from blood and abnormal fluid accumulations, to samples collected from enlarged lymph nodes and masses.

Surgical CO2 laser in practice

During the conference, Dr. Man will also speak about how a surgical CO2 laser provides a higher-level surgical experience for his patients.

CO2 laser surgery technology seals nerve endings, and blood and lymphatic vessels, which allows for less pain, bleeding, and swelling,” Dr. Man says. “Additionally, it provides a clear, dry surgical field, which allows for more surgical precision. Laser technology gives those performing delicate procedures more confidence. Using this technology converts some major surgeries to minor procedures, and reduces stress for the surgical team.

Better surgical technique means faster recovery for patients, which translates to shorter hospitalization time, fewer bandage changes, and fewer recheck appointments—all benefits that clients appreciate. CO2 laser surgery can be used for a large variety of surgical procedures, from delicate eyes surgeries and anal gland excisions, to routine spays and neuters.

Dr. Man is looking forward to sharing his experiences with veterinarians across the country to help them provide the best medical care possible for pets. His commitment to staying on top of the most recent advances in veterinary medicine, and providing them to his patients outside a large referral hospital, will continue to help Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital provide excellent care for pets, and the clients who love them.