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Chloe’s Veterinary Telemedicine Story, 5 Vets helped in a Single Vet Practice !

By |2023-03-30T17:09:52+00:00March 30th, 2023|Dogs, Specialty Services|

Chloe came to a SINGLE DOCTOR PRACTICE & was SEEN by 5 VETS ! HOW did this happen ? VETERINARY TELEMEDICINE 1. General Practice Vet Dr. Boazman (reviews history & forms a treatment plan) 2. Veterinary Radiologist (helps with x-ray interpretation & next steps) thanks @idexx 3. Veterinary Ultrasonographer (helps with organ imaging & sampling) [...]

Laser Surgery For Elongated Soft Palate in Brachycephalic Dogs

By |2023-02-21T12:19:46+00:00February 21st, 2023|Puppy, Specialty Services|

Let’s REMOVE that ELONGATED SOFT PALATE (ESP) so this dog PAWTIENT can BREATHE Lungs BETTER ! The SOFT PALATE = soft part at the back of the throat. In FLAT FACED BREEDS with ESP it extends into the THROAT & BLOCKS the WINDPIPE (trachea) which PROHIBITS normal BREATHING Lungs which = a RESPIRATORY OBSTRUCTION Stress, [...]

Endoscopy in Dogs & Cats !

By |2023-02-13T06:32:37+00:00February 13th, 2023|Pet Tips, Specialty Services|

@lil.msvioletjolene came to us for episodes of chronic intermittent vomiting, decreased appetite, & diarrhea. Some pets’s like Violet have a condition that’s difficult to diagnose without actually examining an internal organ or obtaining a biopsies or tissue samples. While this can be accomplished with surgery, endoscopy provides a less invasive alternative. We hope that this [...]

Cat Lymphoma

By |2023-02-13T06:18:38+00:00February 13th, 2023|Cats, Pet Tips, Specialty Services|

Lymphoma = the most common cancer in dogs & gastrointestinal (GI) lymphoma is the most common form. Most dogs diagnosed with GI lymphoma are around the age of 9 to 13 years. The most common symptom of GI lymphoma is weight loss followed by decreased appetite, vomiting , & diarrhea. Abdominal ultrasound can be a [...]

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