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Dr. Boaz Man shares his latest articles in DVM360 magazine !

By |2022-06-30T12:11:45+00:00June 30th, 2022|Latest News, Pet Tips|

@Drboazman is excited to share 2 of his latest articles discussing 3 HOT TOPICS in VET MED just published in DVM360 magazine! 1st HOT TOPIC = DIGITAL CYTOLOGY = Immediate Cellular Analysis By Pathologist Why send glass slides via snail mail to an outside test facility & wait days tear-off while worried pet parents remain [...]

Dog Splenic Tumor & Bloodless Splenectomy

By |2022-06-24T17:41:42+00:00June 24th, 2022|Dogs, Pet Tips, Specialty Services|

Ceasar’s vet for a belly ache revealed an unexpected finding! His Belly Ache “Work Up” included: 1st STEP: Internal vital organs (blood & urine tests) which was normal 2nd STEP: Diagnostic imaging (x-rays & radiology consult) SOMETHING was NOT NORMAL in his BELLY The radiologist helped us with the diagnosis of a SPLENIC TUMOR The [...]

Treatment for Dog Allergies !

By |2022-05-28T07:58:42+00:00May 28th, 2022|Dogs, Pet Tips, Puppy|

Have you ever noticed your Dog chewing, licking, scratching, & itching while you were in bed trying to sleep ? Mable, like many dogs in South Florida, was suffering from skin allergies causing her to lick scratch Paws & itch Thankfully we have injection TWO injection MAGIC WEAPONS against this ! Cytopoint works like your [...]

5 Strategies to Prolong Your Pet’s Life

By |2022-06-06T23:39:53+00:00May 27th, 2022|Pet Tips|

You love your pet, but unfortunately, their life span is much too short. While you can’t make them live forever, you can be your pet’s hero, and take steps to add years to their life. Our American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited team at Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital wants to help by providing strategies that can [...]

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