Clock for a SNEAK PEEK inside our DIGITA CYTOLOGY machine !

=Immediate Cellular Analysis By Pathologist

We have all come to expect FAST TURNAROUND times for PET TESTS because WAITING = STRESSFUL & DELAYS the APPROPRIATE CARE

Thankfully the revolution in Dog VET Stethoscope MED Cat TECHNOLOGY = AMAZING

One of the most commonly used diagnostic tests in veterinary medicine is CYTOLOGY.

CYTOLOGY = the examination of cells from the body under a. In a cytology exam, a pathologist looks at cells collected from a specimen to see how they look & function.

This test checks for infection, inflammatory disease, cancer, or precancerous conditions.

Fine needle syringe aspirates of lumps & bumps or other specimens can be acquired quickly & easily, using instruments (needles & syringes) that are readily available.

The strengths of cytology results lie in the accuracy & rapidity with which the samples can be obtained, processed & evaluated.

In the past vets had to send glass slides via snail mail to an outside test tube facility & wait day while worried pet parents remain stressed

Pet parents & cat pets dog deserve a dedicated in house pathologist on call 24 hours 7 days a week

Results are now available in UNDER 2 HOURS, Wow that’s FAST !

Please let us know what you think of this amazing technology !