LUMPS & BUMPS in require investigation!

Dr. Boazman explains that digital cytology from idexx helps our team Boca midtowne vet prove what we need to do for this lump within minutes!

This reduces the stress for Pet Parents who often worry about their beloved fur babies!

The cytology test (microscopic interpretation of cells) has been truly revolutionized! After aspirating a lump with a fine needle, slides are made for a.

In the past we had to wait for a lab courier to pick them up, have them to a reference lab facility, then wait for the pathologist to be assigned to read them, & finally receive a cytology report!

This process went from days to minutes & has enabled our team to act faster than ever without having to wait on test results! This means we can have patients like Riley sent to an oncologist or a surgeon the same day we initially evaluate the lump!

Our in house high definition images are easily manipulated on the large touch screen while we wait a few minutes for the cytology report online. Digital Cytology Truly Amazing!