Time for some HIGH POWER CO2 LASER FUN !

Join us for the free webinar, “Essential Technology in a Veterinary Practice” Presented by Boaz Man, DVM & Ray Arza, DVM.

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This webinar will be held on Thursday, July 28th with three-time options available: 1 PM, 8 PM, or 10 PM ET.

A solo practitioner shares the role of CO2 laser & supportive diagnostic & treatment tools that are critical to everyday procedures seen in his general practice.

Deciding what technology is worthwhile for veterinary practices has always been a challenge—in 2022 when time is scarcer than ever, it’s even harder. Dr. Boaz Man is no stranger to the daily clinic demands as a solo practitioner in Boca Raton.

In this panel discussion with Dr. Ray Arza, Dr. Boaz Man discusses the most essential technologies that can help small animal practitioners maximize their efficiency & improve clinical outcomes. Dr. Man shares how CO2 surgical laser has become a cornerstone of his practice & how these other critical tools support a multi-modal plan of care.

Key talking points:

  • Dr. Man shares his favorite technologies & his multi-modal approach to diagnostics & therapeutic case management
  • The critical role of the CO2 laser in veterinary medicine today
  • New innovations and advancements in CO2 laser that have made laser surgery an indispensable tool in his practice
  • Why CO2 laser adoption is exploding in veterinary medicine despite it being an established technology
  • Marketing & communication techniques for new technology implementation
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