Shadow loves his FEAR FREE CAT ROOM! Watch Shadow enjoy being surrounded by calming pheromones coming from our feliwaycat diffuser

Did you know that cats love being located up higher than people where they feel safe & protected?

Dr. Boazman shows Shadow’s FEAR FREE EXPERIENCE that takes place in our CAT EXCLUSIVE ROOM where he can climbe trees & play!

A cat Check Up can be screaming & our team considers Shadow’s emotional well being as a priority

We considered every pet’s emotional needs with the combination of cat considerate items including:

A cat allows playing, hiding & resting, our Feliway Pheromone Diffuser transmits cat specific relaxing chemical signals , we move gently & slowly, & a soft towels allow for hiding , safety , & security & calm quiet voices!

Our team will NEVER SURRENDER our FEAR FREE APPROACHES ! FEAR & ANXIETY is plaguing everyone & we remain committed to reducing all FAS (fear, anxiety, & stress) for EVERY PET!