Wilner’s dog toe was painful & required medical attention !

Every lump has a different story & the 1st step of a treatment plan = figure out what we are treating?

Step 1 = DON’T WAIT ASPIRATE Syringe!

This means we get a fine needle into the lump & aspirate it for CELLULAR ANALYSIS

CYTOLOGY determines a benign lump from malignancy (cancer) & helps us with treatment options

Some lumps are locally invasive, while others can spread to other body parts or require aggressive surgery with wide surgical margins, ie: mast cell tumors

Thanks to DIGITAL CYTOLOGY we now receive a report within minutes!

Why send glass slides via snail mail to an outside test tube facility & wait days while worried pet parents remain stressed ?


In this case, due to the location, swelling & irritation we began an antibiotic & anti-inflammatory & placed a bandage prior to scheduling laser surgery.

The combination of these things assisted us in reducing the swelling & infection of the lump.


Allows for faster cutting, shorter anesthesia time, less tissue trauma, less pain, & a quicker recovery !

What is SuperPulse Laser Magic ?
It stops collateral thermal damage to the surrounding tissue = a quick & minimally invasive incision! The tissue is exposed to less laser light which reduces tissue trauma!

How do we achieve a BLOODLESS incision ?
By contraction of collagen on the endothelial wall of blood vessel !

How does Laser REDUCE PAIN ?
By sealing nerve endings !

How does Laser REDUCE SWELLING ?
By sealing lymphatics !

Laser is so precise it can selectively remove a few tissue cells at a time. It is also powerful enough to de-bulk entire tumors. It is used to make unique bloodless laser incisions, as well as “erase” unhealthy tissue without excessive loss of blood unavoidable in conventional scalpel surgery.