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Learn about Dr. Boaz Man the storyteller & leader of our team @bocamidtownevet

“I consider one of the most important in my life is that I always knew what I wanted to do.

As a child I never understood how anyone could not love pets ?

Growing up my family always supported me & that was a blessing that I never took for granted.

I remember my parents telling me that if I wanted to be a garbage 🗑 man, if I worked hard & did my very best, that is all they could ever ask for.

I was lucky to have a role model father @realdrboca who led by example & showed me that hard work always paid off !

Although my goal to become a veterinarian seemed “predestined”, my journey to achieve my dreams sometimes seemed insurmountable.

Thankfully, I have a hard head & stubbornness that forced me to never give up on my dreams

In 2004 I felt as if I was “knighted” when I earned my doctorate in veterinary medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine

After 9 years in private practice I took a gamble in 2013 & opened up my own private practice @bocamidtownevet ! We are thrilled to be celebrating our 8th year anniversary & remain committed to providing the best care for all pets !

What I love about being a vet is that every day is different & we never know what type of sick or will walk into our practice that we can help !

Practicing medicine is not perfect, but I always keep my oath as a veterinarian in mind to never allow a pet to suffer !

I try to keep things simple for each pet we see… I ask myself is this pet living it’s best life ? If the answer is no then I know we have some more work to do for that pet !