Sabrina is a newly rescued stray. who loves being surrounded by calming #pheromones coming from our @feliwaycat diffuser  #catpur #kittenlove

@drboazman shows us 🐾 Sabrina & her FEAR FREE EXPERIENCE that takes place in the CAT EXCLUSIVE ROOM @bocamidtownevet where she can & play! #fearfreepets @fearfreehappyhomes @martybecker3635

A 1st Check Up can be  & our team @bocamidtownevet considers Sabrina’s emotional well being as a priority

How do we provide with a FEAR  FREE 😃 VET VISIT during a CURBSIDE DROP OFF EXAM ? #fearfreevetvisit

We considered every pet’s emotional needs with the combination of cat considerate items including:

A cat tree allows playing, hiding & resting, our Feliway Pheromone Diffuser transmits cat specific relaxing chemical signals, we move gently & slowly, & a soft towels allow for hiding, safety, & security, & calm quiet voices !

Our team @bocamidtownevet will NEVER SURRENDER our FEAR FREE APPROACHES to a VIRUS that has plagued our & threatened us all. #covidcantstopus

FEAR & ANXIETY is plaguing everyone & we remain committed to reducing all FAS (fear, anxiety, & stress) for EVERY PET ! #aahaaccredited #fearfreecertifiedprofessional #catsonly #purrpurrpurr #kittenface #kittensplaying #bocaratonfl #vetmed #vetlife #vetsofinstagram #bocaratonfl