Lady  is a ❤️ & decided she 💕 the in our lobby

“Spotting” from her rear end 😱 brought her to our team @bocamidtownevet for an evaluation

@drboazman reviews her exam findings & how we figured out her 📖 story !

Pyometra, a severe infection of the uterus, can be fatal to . In intact animals (those that aren’t spayed yet), the chronic effect of sex hormones results in overstimulation of certain cells within the uterus called cystic endometrial hyperplasia (CEH). CEH progresses in a severe E. coli infection & pus within the uterus. Typically, CEH occurs several weeks after a heat cycle, followed by a life-threatening pyometra shortly thereafter. #pyometra #spay & neuter #vetmed #fearfreevetvisit

There are 2 types of pyometra infections: what we term “open” or “closed.” These terms refer to whether or not the cervix is open, ex: draining out pus if it’s an “open” pyometra. If it’s a “closed” pyometra, it means you can’t see 👀 the pus as it’s hidden away in the uterus instead. #ovaries #uterus #goldensofinstagram

“Open” pyometras are easier to diagnosis due to foul, malodorous, bloody green discharge from your pet’s vulva. “Closed” pyometras can be harder to diagnose, as the signs aren’t as obvious. “Closed” pyometras are more life-threatening as they are under-recognized. #vetcheck #vetmedlife

As pets often hide their signs until they are very severe, pet parents may not realize their pet has a life-threatening infection 😱. Without treatment (which is almost always surgically treated with an emergency ovariohysterectomy), the uterus can rupture ☠️ , resulting in a severe bacterial infection in both the abdomen & in the blood . #vetsofinstagram #vetlife #ovariohysterectomy #sepsis

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If you have an intact female pet, make sure to keep any out for the following clinical signs (especially if it’s several weeks after your pet’s last heat cycle

Not wanting to eat, Generalized malaise/lethargy/depression, Excessive thirst or urination, A bloated abdomen, Vomiting, a weird odor coming from the hind end of your pet, Pus dripping from vulva, licking of the vulva, Signs of shock & fever