Oh no! You forgot to give your dog their heartworm prevention this month. Again. Hoping that your beloved companion did not pick up heartworm disease from a mosquito, you call Dr. Boaz Man at Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital for advice. He recommends immediately starting the heartworm preventive again, and then testing for heartworm disease in six months, since the heartworm life cycle requires at least that long to reach the age at which we can diagnose an infection. You ask if there is a simpler method than giving your pet their heartworm preventive each month, since you know it is incredibly important to your dog’s health. But, like most people you become busy with other things and automated phone reminders haven’t helped. Fortunately for you and your canine companion, we offer a heartworm preventive called ProHeart 12. Read the following information for answers to all your questions about this fantastic heartworm prevention option for dogs.

Question: Why would my pet need parasite prevention all year long?

Answer: Here in Boca Raton, we are always in the midst of prime parasite weather, because mosquitoes and other pests take advantage of our year-round balmy temperatures. With no harsh winter season, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes continue to thrive, with no fear of plummeting temperatures, although there is no truly safe season that precludes parasite prevention. These sneaky pests can slip into your home, and lie in wait to infect your pet, so year-round parasite prevention is critical, to ensure your best friend is protected from potentially life-threatening diseases.

Q: What parasites does a once-yearly parasite preventive treat?

A: The once-yearly parasite preventive, known as ProHeart 12, protects your pet from heartworms for a full 12 months. ProHeart 12 is an injection that, when administered, also treats hookworm infections in your dog. Check out Dr. Man’s blog showing how dangerous hookworms are to your dog’s health.

Q: How does ProHeart 12 work?

A: ProHeart 12 provides 12 months of heartworm prevention in one simple injection that can be given during your pet’s annual exam. The active ingredient, moxidectin, is a medication commonly found in other heartworm preventive products. This ingredient is stored in slow-dissolving microspheres that your dog stashes in their fat-storing connective tissue. The medication is slowly and evenly released over 12 months, to ensure a full year of protection.

Q: How is ProHeart 12 different from other heartworm preventives?

A: ProHeart 12 is the only heartworm preventive that is administered through an injection, except for ProHeart 6, its companion product, which lasts for six months.

Q: How do I know if ProHeart 12 is a good choice for my pet?

A: With ProHeart 12, we eliminate struggling with your dog each month attempting to cram a pill down their throat, or to apply a messy topical preventive. If your dog abhors pills, tablets, or topical solutions, ProHeart 12 is the answer for your pet. As long as your dog is around 12 months of age or older, we can give ProHeart 12 for a year’s worth of easy heartworm protection.

Q: What do I do about the other parasites my pet may get?

A: Since ProHeart 12 protects your dog only against heartworms, you will need additional preventive products to shield your pet against fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. We can recommend oral or topical forms, depending on your preference. Flea and tick prevention is as critical as heartworm prevention, since these parasites can also transmit life-threatening diseases. 

Q: What’s the best option for parasite prevention for my pet?

A: Your pet’s best parasite preventives are the ones you will remember to give. If you struggle to remember your furry pal’s preventive each month, a once-yearly heartworm product is the best option for you and your pet. Each pet is different, and some do not handle oral medications or topical preventives well, which they show through vomiting or skin reactions. Based on your pet’s history with parasite preventives, we can help you choose the best product combination to keep your beloved companion safe from parasitic diseases.

Parasite prevention and its proper administration is a vital component of your furry pal’s overall health and wellness plan. By regularly administering a parasite preventive, we can protect your best friend from potentially deadly diseases, and the problems that insects and worms cause. Give us a call to discuss the best preventive options for your pet.