One of the most commonly used diagnostic tests in #vetmedicine is #cytology #pathologyreview Cytology is the examination of cells from the body under a 🔬. In a cytology exam a 🥼 👀 at cells collected from a specimen to see how they look & function. The test commonly checks for #infection #inflammation #cancer or precancerous conditions. Fine needle 💉 aspirates of lumps & bumps or other specimens can be acquired quickly & easily, using instruments (e.g. needles, syringes, scalpel blades, etc.) that are readily available. The strengths of cytology results lie in the rapidity with which the samples can be obtained, processed & evaluated.

Up until this very moment the veterinarian 🥼 🐾 has always had to wait 📆 for cytology slides to be picked up by a laboratory courier🚐 who then transports those samples to a lab 🥼 facility 🔬 , where those slides have to sit & wait 💤 to be analyzed by a pathologist who is eventually assigned to read them 😭 ! The turnaround time 📆 for this process used to take a WEEK for a finalized pathology report !

We are very excited that we now have been able to reduce the turnaround time for our cytology test from days to MINUTES (in less than 2 ⏰ hours!) Thanks to advanced technology in veterinary medicine #telemedicine #digitalcytology #idexx #idexxlaboratories our whole-slide imaging device takes advantage of digital technology, using 💻 processing, software, data transfer speeds, & cloud storage, to enable pathologists to examine specimens as if they were looking through your 🔬 . Unlike microscope cameras 📷 that acquire images of a portion of a slide, whole slide imaging captures high-resolution #highdef images of the entire slide. This reduces the risk of missing a critical area of interest by enabling the entire diagnostic yield to be assessed by the pathologist. The instrument does leverage artificial intelligence to recognize the slide & provide a recommendation for the area of interest for image scanning. It does not interpret the cells on the slide. The digital image is sent to an IDEXX pathologist, who then assesses & provides interpretation via a report with images ! #bocaratonflorida #bocamidtownevet #technologyisawesome