ALARMS should go off when you feel a LUMP in your PET!

Dr. Boazman says “If your pet has a LUMP, DON’T WAIT  ASPIRATE ”

LUMPS must be confirmed as BENIGN or MALIGNANT & addressed appropriately !

FAST  TEST RESULTS = LESS STRESS for PET PARENTS & our team who share the GOAL of providing the BEST PATIENT CARE !

Thanks to DIGITAL CYTOLOGY from idexx & idexxlab we have BOARD CERTIFIED VETERINARY PATHOLOGISTS working around the 24 hours a day 7 days a week for our BEST FURRY  FRIENDS !

This TECHNOLOGY allows like Moses to get a LUMP evaluated in JUST MINUTES

Dr. Boazman says that “After 17 years of general practice I remain AMAZED every time these pathology reports arrive within MINUTES of having slides scanned by our HIGH DEFINITION MICROSCOPE.”

When we suspect a MALIGNANT TUMOR we CAN’T afford to SIT & WAIT for test RESULTS !

This LUMP was evaluated in the AM & REMOVED the SAME DAY in the PM !

Moses’ cytology result indicated that “there were SPINDLE CELLS with ill-defined borders & scant to moderate amounts of pale basophilic cytoplasm”

The findings were “consistent with a SOFT TiSSUE MESENCHYMAL NEOPLASM in light of the cytological findings, history & location of the mass. Possible differentials could include: hemangiosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, peripheralnervesheathtumor & a perivascular wall neoplasm

Digital Cytology Technology is truly mind blowing & allows our team to provide the best possible medicine for our pawtients