Part of what I ❤️ most about being a vet is that simple tests to address a dog’s health often leads to unexpected surprises ! #veterinarymedicine #vetmedlife #fearfreevetvisit #vetcheckup

Morgan is a sweet 10 year old shitzu whose mom wanted a second opinion on his overall health. #secondopinion #shitzulife #loveyourpetloveyourvet

An important piece of a older pet’s health is a urinalysis. #urinalysis #peepee #bladderinfection #bladderproblems

A urinalysis is an evaluation of urine for abnormalities such as kidney disease, urinary tract infection, urinary crystals & bladder stones, diabetes, & even cancer !

@bocamidtownevet when we need a urine sample we use an ultrasound device to find the urinary bladder & get a sample directly from it ! #sonogram

With ultrasound guidance we can easily obtain a fine needle aspirate directly from the bladder aka #cystocentesis

In Morgan’s case, we saw an abnormal bright area (white line) with an associated dark shadow below it that led us to suspect bladder stones. #bladderstones #urolithiasis #cystolithiasis #bladderstonessuck

By simply looking with an ultrasound we were able to take some important steps to further help Morgan with his health !

Watch @drboazman explain what we did for Morgan in this & how it helped this sweet boy ! #shitzhulovers #shitzusofinstagram