We can all agree, there is nothing better than this sweet sticky treat for us as well as our fur babies!

PB can be a great treat for your pooch, but please do not give your dog large amounts of peanut butter since it is high in fat.

Dogs have a hard time digesting a lot of fat, therefore this can cause diarrhea or a painful condition called pancreatitis. Make sure you share this wonderful creamy goodness in small amounts.

Recently, some companies have been trying to make peanut butter healthier for us humans by making them sugar-free and lower in calories.

By doing this they have added a sugar substitute called Xylitol.
Xylitol is dangerous for pets and the effects of Xylitol can be toxic and extremely harmful.

When your dog ingests Xylitol, it results in a sudden insulin release from your dog’s pancreas, which causes hypoglycemia, a life-threatening emergency situation.

In large quantities, it can cause acute hepatic necrosis which is severe liver failure.

It is truly an emergency situation when your dog ingests Xylitol, so please check your cabinets before sharing with your pet!