Bruno is 14 years young & needs a LUMP on his leg 🦵 🐾 evaluated.

Whenever a lump appears on your pet there is a SIMPLE RULE: DON’T WAIT ASPIRATE!

This means we stick a fine needle in the lump & aspirate it to have it evaluated via CYTOLOGY & PATHOLOGIST REVIEW.

Even if we “suspect” what the lump “might be” we can’t get a DIAGNOSIS or PROGNOSIS without further evaluating it.

In Bruno’s case the cytology result was INCONCLUSIVE 🙁 Unfortunately some lumps are tricky to evaluate & require further evaluation via HISTOPATHOLOGY. This means we need an actual tissue sample to further characterize the lump.

Watch Dr. Man explain & show the steps involved in checking Bruno’s lump via a 🥊 BIOPSY.