Oscar’s MOUTH was full of LUMPS !

CANINE ORAL PAPILLOMAS (oral warts) = small, benign tumors of the mouth caused by the papilloma virus. They are found on the lips, gums, & mouth.

Puppies (less than 2 years old) are more susceptible to the virus because their immune system is not fully developed. As they mature they produce antibodies against the virus & the warts can eventually disappear. Cases can go away on their own within 1-5 months as the dog’s immune system mounts a response to the virus.

Dogs can transmit the virus to other through direct contact. This can occur when they greet each other, share toys, or eat/drink out of the same food or water bowl. Canine papilloma virus is SPECIES-SPECIFIC & CAN’T be transmitted from dogs to owner

Lesions are round with an irregular surface, like a cauliflower & grow in clusters. Most dogs are asymptomatic unless they become infected & painful & require antibiotics. Infected lesions can also cause swelling & bad breath.

Always bring your pet to the vet if you notice a lump or bump. Since lumps can be malignant/cancerous your vet will need a biopsy for diagnosis.

Treatment may not be indicated unless the number of papillomas are numerous or they become infected or symptomatic.

Oscar had so many growths that eating could become problematic. Oscar’s larger lumps were excised via CO2 laser for biopsy & the smaller lumps were laser ablated.

Advantages of high power laser ablation include a bloodless excision with no sutures, fast speed, reduced anesthesia time, & quicker healing

How do we achieve a BLOODLESS incision ?
By contraction of collagen on blood vessel wall

How does Laser REDUCE PAIN ?
By sealing nerve endings

How does Laser REDUCE SWELLING ?
By sealing lymphatics

Laser is so precise it can selectively remove a few tissue cells at a time. It is also powerful enough to de-bulk entire tumors. It is used to make unique bloodless laser incisions, as well as “erase” unhealthy tissue without excessive loss of unavoidable in conventional scalpel surgery