@drboazman shares the secrets of the 3 PPP’s of a vet check! #fearfreecertifiedprofessional #fearfreepets #aahaaccredited

P # 1 = PROTECTION from VIRUSES with Kitten BOOSTERS  #purrfectcat#bocaratonflorida​ ​

P # 2 & P # 3 = PARASITE PREVENTION #felinemedicine

Did you know that it only takes 1 Mosquito to INFECT your with HEARTWORMS ? #felinefriendly​ ​

Did you know that there is NO EFFECTIVE TREATMENT for HEARTWORM DISEASE in CATS ?  #heartwormssuck

Did you know that FLEAS  cause your  to SCRATCH & get SKIN INFECTION & TAPEWORM INFECTION ? YUCK !!! @capcvet ​

Did you know that REVOLUTION is a SAFE & EASY monthly TOPICAL medication that PROTECTS your from so many of these NASTY PARASITES ? #parasites @zoetispetcare @zoetisus

Please don’t let your CAT SUFFER with PARASITES & have your KITTEN properly PROTECTED so they can live a LONG & HAPPY LIFE ! #vetsoffice #vetsoftheworld