Nothing is more exciting than welcoming home a new ball of fur that smells of puppy breath. You’re eagerly anticipating puppy snuggles on the couch, games of fetch where your tiny pup trips over their clumsy paws, and fun-filled days with adorable canine antics. What you are not likely anticipating is a hefty emergency veterinary bill because your new pup gets into the trash, requiring surgery, critical care, and hospitalization. Puppies get up to all sorts of mischief as they explore and learn about their world, which can lead them into dangerous situations that require costly medical care. An excellent way to protect your newest furry family addition is to invest in pet health insurance as soon as you bring your pet home. Check out Dr. Man’s video blog to see that puppy health insurance is critical for your new four-legged pal.

How does pet insurance help cover the cost of my puppy’s care?

With pet insurance, you can choose a policy that provides minimal, accident-only coverage, or a more comprehensive package. Coverage options include:

  • Wellness care — Like babies, puppies require several visits to ensure they are growing well and protected against a multitude of diseases. Although wellness care was not covered in insurance policies in the past, it can now be purchased as an additional option, making it a perfect solution for those puppy vaccination visits and subsequent boosters.
  • Dental care — Up to 80% of pets have some form of dental disease by age 3, with many toy- and small-breed puppies exhibiting periodontal problems by the time their adult teeth appear at 6 months of age. Purchase pet insurance for your pooch at an early age to have financial assistance for persistent deciduous teeth, tooth fractures, root abscesses, oronasal fistulas, and routine dental cleanings throughout their life.
  • Spay or neuter — Ideally, your new puppy should be spayed or neutered prior to reaching adulthood. Spaying your puppy before her first heat cycle can almost completely eliminate her risk of developing mammary cancer. Neutering your puppy—after he has reached the majority of his adult growth—will help prevent naughty male dog behaviors, testicular cancer, and prostate problems. A comprehensive insurance policy will help cover the cost of these procedures for your new pup.
  • Prescriptions — Your puppy may never fall ill, but they will still require lifelong prescriptions. All pets, including strictly indoor cats, should be on year-round heartworm, flea, and tick prevention, especially here in warm Boca Raton. Since parasite preventives—and possibly other prescriptions—will be a lifelong cost, health insurance can help mitigate these monthly bills.  
  • Emergency care — Growing puppies can get into all sorts of trouble, such as foreign body ingestion, traumatic accidents, and sudden illnesses. Look at Nova’s case in Dr. Man’s video blog. Not all puppies are as lucky as Nova, who was able to vomit up the foreign body. Some foreign objects can become lodged in your puppy’s stomach or intestinal tract and removal requires emergency surgery. By purchasing pet health insurance the day you bring your puppy home, the costs of diagnostic testing, emergency surgery, and hospitalization can be covered. 

When should I consider purchasing health insurance for my puppy?

Pet health insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, and also requires a waiting period before coverage begins. To protect your new puppy as fully as possible, peruse insurance policies prior to bringing your pet home. Once you have a plan in mind, check the requirements for coverage, such as having a wellness exam on file and a clean bill of health before coverage can begin. So, schedule a wellness visit for your new puppy before welcoming them home, and then send your insurance provider all the pertinent information to ensure your furry bundle of joy is protected from day one. Many health insurance plans can begin shortly after their birth, so make sure you have your puppy covered as early as possible!

Does Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital recommend a pet insurance company?

At Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital, we want to make paying for your pet’s care easy. We understand pets routinely suffer from accidents, injuries, and illness, which can take an unexpected toll on your budget. To help offset these urgent-care costs, we recommend that each pet be protected by health insurance with full major medical coverage. Unlike human health insurance, you can use your pet’s health insurance plan at any veterinary hospital, since most providers are accepted anywhere and reimbursement is sent to you directly, with no out-of-network limitations. Talk to our team to determine which pet insurance provider is best for your needs. 

We also accept Pet Assure, a veterinary discount plan, to help ensure your furry companion receives the care they need with no waiting period, no deductibles, and no denied claims. Other payment options include CareCredit, a health care credit card that your physician or dentist may also accept. 

With so many payment options and a wide range of pet insurance policies, there is no reason for your four-legged friend not to be covered! For any questions regarding pet health insurance, contact your Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital team.