QUESTION: How do we PRIORITIZE a pet’s EMOTIONAL Dog WELLNESS during a blood Drop draw ?


Addressing the EMOTIONAL WELLNESS of ALL PETS is our FEAR FREE OATH & our team at boca midtowne vet remains committed to this !

Gracie’s body language tells a , her Eyes were wide with fear & she was lunging towards us …

Traditional muzzles can increase Fear, Anxiety, & Stress (FAS) & also restrict breathing & the ability to reward with bone

We believe that all pets deserve a Heart PAWSITIVE experience & a FEAR FREE VET VISIT !

Thankfully Gracie came to the right place

Dr. Boazman shows us how a slow & considerate approach & gentle handling made Gracie’s visit a better experience !

Eyes the AIR MUZZLE, the device around her head which allows Gracie to relax. This air muzzle allows unrestricted breathing & reduces her fear of being approached by eliminating his peripheral Eyes vision.

A WARM TOWEL EMBRACE provides a sense of safety & security for every pet !

You might ask “ Can we provide Cats Paws a FEAR FREE VET VISIT during a CURBSIDE DROP OFF EXAM ? “

The answer is YES ! We will NEVER SURRENDER our FEAR FREE APPROACHES to a VIRUS that has plagued our world & threatened us all.
FEAR & ANXIETY is plaguing everyone & we remain committed to reducing all FAS (fear, anxiety, & stress) for every dogs pet cats

The bond between Dogs & Man and Women is ALWAYS prioritized in our Fear Free Vet Visits.