Modern tools allow animals to be examined, given diagnoses, and treated all in the same visit, while also having them heal quicker

The family pet in today’s world has many opportunities to live a better life and benefit from health care options that were previously unavailable. The human-animal bond has driven innovation and advances in medical research and specialized care that have allowed pets to live longer, enjoying healthier, pain-free lifestyles.

Today, pet parents have become used to “Amazon speed” instant gratification and immediate test results for their pets.

We can now thank technology. Our pets have gained excellent care provided by services such as digital cytology and high-power carbon dioxide (CO2) laser surgery.

If you had asked me years ago whether a lump or bump could be evaluated by a pathologist within minutes through digital cytology and then be removed by a surgeon at my practice the same day, I never would have believed it possible. If you had told me I could have a blood smear, ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirate of an organ, or bodily fluid evaluated by a pathologist within minutes, I also would have been in disbelief.

Client satisfaction

Nowadays, pet parents are using technology that gets them the most information in the shortest amount of time. They have developed bonds with their pets that override any potential issue regarding cost of care. They know that when they come to our practice and have X-rays taken, they will have a radiology report within minutes so we can discuss the findings and best treatment options.

By incorporating our medical knowledge and clinical experience with the latest veterinary technology available, we can leave no stone unturned. Pet parents not only want but demand “concierge veterinary care.” They want to know immediately that their pet’s vital organs are working as they should, and they are prepared for the costs because they see the value behind the information they receive and the beneficial outcome for their fur baby.

A modern surgical tool

When it comes to surgery, pet owners want a short anesthetic time and quick recovery. Laser technology has changed and improved over the years, and we have learned that high-power surgical CO2 lasers provide optimal care for our furry best friends. In my practice, a state-of-the-art high-power 40-W surgical laser unit from Aesculight has allowed us to provide exactly what pet owners have been looking for.

This laser stops bleeding by contraction of the collagen on the endothelial wall of the blood vessel. It reduces pain by sealing nerve endings and reduces swelling by sealing lymphatics, giving veterinarians more control over the surgical field. The laser superpulse mode also stops collateral thermal damage to surrounding tissue, which allows a quick, minimally invasive incision. This allows tissue to be exposed to less laser light, reducing tissue trauma.

CO2 lasers minimize tissue trauma, postsurgical pain, bleeding, and swelling, and accelerate healing. The precision offered by CO2 lasers makes many procedures easier and cleaner. Postsurgical scarring is reduced as well. With CO2 laser surgery, hospitalization time will be shorter and the patient will not require as many bandages or rechecks, saving your team and your clients time and money.


Veterinary practices can use social media to share videos of real pet stories that demonstrate technology such as digital cytology and high-power lasers and show the value of these services. For your animal hospital to provide excellent care and the latest technology in veterinary medicine, pet owners seeking such care will need to see it in action.

Boaz Man, DVM, is owner and medical director of Boca Midtowne Animal Hospital, an American Animal Hospital Association–accredited facility in Boca Raton, Florida, and a Fear Free–certified professional.