Precious was referred to Dr.Boazman for a 2nd opinion as she was JUST NOT RIGHT !

Precious was lethargic, suspected to be painful, & “OFF OF HER NORMAL ROUTINE”.

The term “ADR” is often used (ain’t doing right) with this presentation.

1st STEP: Test her internal vital organs (blood & urine tests) which revealed everything was normal…

2nd STEP: Test her with diagnostic imaging, which began with x-rays of her chest & belly.

It was obvious that SOMETHING was NOT NORMAL in her BELLY

The radiologist helped with the diagnosis of a SPLENIC TUMOR.

3rd STEP: Test her with an abdominal ultrasound to further evaluate the belly.

This allowed us to see the splenic tumor & all the important organs in the belly.

4th STEP: Test the online T-STAT (Tufts Splenic Assessment Tool) to help us determine the % PROBABILITY of CANCER.

Dr.Boazman is thankful to have learned this from Dr.Suecancervet after meeting her in Fetch San Diego & attending her Splenic Tumor Lecture !

LAST STEP: SPLENECTOMY which allows us to remove the spleen & tumor to have it analyzed by a pathologist.

Time for SPLENECTOMY for Miss Dog Precious paw !

Lets see how the SPLEEN (& the SPLENIC TUMOR) are removed without bleeding

The spleen is a vascular organ & when it’s got a lump, it’s often a BLOODY MESS

MOST splenic TUMORS are ALREADY BLEEDING before they are discovered, leading to SHOCK & POOR PROGNOSISx

Thankfully our surgeon with experience performed this operation quickly & without complication

Shout-out to Dr. Mario Cabrera @cuttingedgesurgical our surgeon ( for help with this case !

A short anesthetic time = a smooth patient recovery