Fractured teeth are common & typically occur when pets chew on hard objects, like rocks, bones or antlers deer.

Dental fractures can also occur when pets are victims of trauma, such as being hit by a car. When a dog or cat teeth is broken, there are multiple treatment options to consider.

Broken teeth hurt & although pets may not show pain, these teeth are a source of significant discomfort. It is not a question of “if” they are in pain, but how could they not be in pain.

Fractured teeth are always infected to some degree & can lead to abscess formation in the surrounding tissues. These abscesses can result in facial swelling due to the surrounding bone & soft tissues being involved.

Treatment of fractured teeth is based on whether the pulp cavity of the tooth is exposed, if the teeth is infected or dead, which teeth is fractured & when the fracture occurred.

The most important thing to remember with regards to fractured teeth is that it’s not a “wait & see” situation. The sooner a fractured teeth is evaluated by your veterinarian, the better !