Buddy’s speedy recovery from his amputation !

Buddy, a sweet 12 year old Jack Russell, is LIVING PROOF that an “Old Dog CAN learn New Tricks”

Buddy was suffering from a PAINFUL cancerous lump called MAST CELL TUMOR

Mast cells are a type of cell found throughout the body but particularly in the skin, subcutaneous tissue, liver, lungs, & digestive tract. Mast cells normally play a role in the body’s response to inflammation & allergens. A mast cell tumor (MCT) is a cancer that arises from mast cells. The most common site for mast cell tumors in dogs is the skin.

Unfortunately, MCT do not have a characteristic form. Their appearance can vary greatly & they can be big, small, firm, soft, raised, flat, covered with hair or ulcerated. They can be found anywhere on the skin’s surface: on a leg, the chest, head, or abdomen. An interesting feature of mast cell tumors is how they can quickly fluctuate in size. Mast cell tumors can suddenly get smaller & then abruptly enlarge. If you notice a new lump, bump, or ulcerated lesion on your pet, get a vet check as soon as possible.

Due to the size & location of this tumor on his toes, wide margins necessary to surgically remove it were NOT possible.

Buddy’s tumor continued to grow, became painful, & had to be addressed.

Together with his parents we made a decision to amputate his leg & stop the pain.

3-legged dogs AKA “tripods” are bound to amaze you with what they’re capable of. Just spend some time with one & you’ll see how playful, active & full of joy they are, just like any of their 4-legged friends.

While there are a few health & safety precautions to take into account with 3-legged dogs, you may be surprised to find that most tripod pets don’t require a great deal of additional accommodation to lead a happy, active life.