Ollie the 1 year old golden🐕 came to us for itching ! Ollie suffers from allergies & itching is a common presenting complaint for dogs who live in south florida. A majority of allergies in dogs are due to environmental allergens such as 🌲 trees🌳 , grasses, & weeds. Many dogs with allergies do not produce enough essential fatty acids (fish 🐟 oils) that serve as an important part of the skin’s protective layer. When a dog starts chewing, scratching, & licking the protective barrier of their skin is compromised. As allergens penetrate the skin barrier, the skin becomes red & inflammed & dermatitis becomes evident. Within a short time period bacterial organisms begin to replicate, causing pimples & scabs to appear, a condition called bacterial pyoderma. Since a dog’s ears are an extension of it’s skin, allergic dogs often present with a simultaneous ear infection, known as otitis. Watch Dr. Man review Ollie’s diagnosis & needed treatment ! #allergy #dermatitis #otitis #zoetis #goldens #retriever #goldensofinstagram #retrieversgram #bocaraton #palmbeach #dogstagram #dogs_of_instagram #aaha #americananimalhospitalassociation #videootoscopy #blogger #blogpost