@drboazman is excited to be speaking @fetchdvm360 in San Diego on Laser Surgery & Digital Cytology !

Please comment on this post if you are joining us & what you are excited to learn about !

I am honored to be sharing how we utilize today’s technology in #vetmed @bocamidtownevet

Technology has revolutionized the level of care that we can provide our furry BEST Dogs friends Cats !

After all don’t our furry BEST Dogs friends Cats deserve only the best ?

Throughout my career as a vet I ask myself if the patients that I provide care for are living their “best life”.

This simple question drives me to provide the best medical hospital care possible for every pet we meet.

To me, providing the best care has always gone hand in hand with staying up to date with the latest technology in veterinary medicine.

Why cut with a bloody scalpel blade when we you can laser? @aesculite_lasers

Why send glass slides via snail mail to an outside facility & have to wait days while worried pet parents remain stressed ?

Pet parents & all dogs pets cats deserve to have a dedicated in house pathologist who works remotely 24 hours 7 days a week !

I am really excited to share my 17 years of experience with laser surgery highlighting laser use in my practice @bocamidtownevet as well as our experience with the new technology of digital cytology !

I am honored to be speaking at this amazing CE conference @fetchsd alongside many talented speakers ! @adam_christman

Please feel free to share your feedback with me after you have attended my presentations !