Ricky’s puppy revealed hair loss & a skin infection

Demodex are parasitic mange mites that cause a skin condition called demodicosis.

These microscopic monsters live in your dog’s hair follicles & oil glands !

With localized demodicosis, symptoms are usually mild & affect a dog’s face, trunk, or legs. You may notice thinning hair, scaly skin, & the skin itself will appear reddish-brown & look very itchy.

With generalized demodicosis, skin lesions are more widespread & may involve the entire body. Your dog may look scruffy & show signs of hair loss as well as discoloration of the skin.

The good news about demodicosis is that it is NOT contagious to other dogs, cats or humans !

The treatment goals include killing the mange mites (there are now a variety of safe & effective medical treatment options) & controlling any secondary skin infections. Resolution of demodicosis is confirmed with negative skin scrapings.