Hello Dogs pet Cats lovers my name is @drboazman & I am the medical director of our AAHA accredited animal hospital. We volunteered to be part of the American Animal Hospital Association because we took an oath to provide only the highest standards of care for pets.

I am here to warn you about a dangerous procedure called a “nonanesthetic teeth dental” which is falsely advertised as a beneficial service for pets. This “nonanesthetic dental” is so harmful that we would lose our AAHA accreditation if we offered this procedure at our hospital.

In my latest article for dvm 360 magazine “the danger of nonanesthetic dentals” we discuss a beautiful young dog Murphy & his dedicated pet parent who came to us for a second opinion on her Murphy’s mouth after a nonanesthetic dental.

Murphy’s dental x-rays revealed an advanced oral infection that required major oral surgery & extraction of SIXTEEN of his teeth!

This COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED if Murphy’s mom had been properly educated about dental disease in pets & if Murphy had routine professional dental care provided by a veterinarian.

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