We put a RING on that LIVER SHUNT !

LIVER SHUNTS can be challenging to find & usually require a CT SCAN so for DIAGNOSIS & TREATMENT !

Zipper’s reminds us how PETS get the BEST care when VETS work together !

A liver shunt is an abnormal connection between veins which bypass the liver. The liver helps to detoxify the blood that travels through it.

A liver shunt creates a toxic situation in the blood, which can lead to vomiting, nausea, neurological disorders, seizures, incoordination, excessive thirst, excessive urination, & diarrhea .

Zipper came to us for an on site CT scan thanks to @mobilepetimaging. This high definition CT scan enabled us to prove that he has a single congenital extrahepatic liver shunt that requires surgical repair with an ameroid constrictor & longterm medications.

An ameroid constrictor is an inner ring of casein that is surrounded by a stainless steel sheath. Casein is a hygroscopic substance that swells as it slowly absorbs body fluid. The stainless steel sheath forces the casein to swell inwardly, eventually closing the ring & obliterating the shunt. Ameroid constrictors gradually close over 4-5 weeks !