STEPS of an Health in PETS:

We call it “SPF”

S stands for …

1. SCHIRMER Tear Test :
Check for DRY EYE

P stands for …

2. Eye PRESSURE Check:

F stands for …

Check for ULCER

If your vet determines that your dog has an ulcer of the eye, the following treatment may be recommended:

1. Treatment of the underlying cause

2. An antibiotic eye ointment or drop

3. Optical pain medication

4. An Elizabethan collar to prevent rubbing or scratching

5. Other meds depending on the severity

6. For non-healing, chronic ulcers surgery or referral to a veterinary ophthalmologist may be necessary

It is critical that you give all the meds your vet prescribes for your best furry friend.

To help reduce your pet’s risk of eye problems, check the daily for any obvious signs of irritation such as redness or tearing. Most importantly, contact your vet if you suspect your dog’s eyes look irritated or inflamed !