Does your dog cough?

Infectious tracheobronchitis (known as kennel cough) is a canine respiratory infection caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica & canine parainfluenza virus. These pathogens attack the cilia lining the respiratory tract & cause inflammation of the upper airway. This leads to irritation of the airways & a dry cough. It also makes your dog more susceptible to a [...]

Hyperthyroidism in Cats

Hyperthyroidism is the most common hormonal disorder diagnosed in cats. It occurs when the thyroid glands, located in your cat’s neck, produce an excess of thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone helps regulate and control normal bodily processes. Think of it as an engine gauge: in simple terms, it controls how fast or slow the body functions. [...]

Hypothyroid Disease in Dogs?

Hypothyroidism is the most common hormonal disorder in dogs. It occurs when the thyroid glands, located near the throat, are unable to produce enough thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone helps regulate and control normal bodily processes & your dog’s metabolism. Think of it as an engine gauge: in simple terms, it controls how fast or slow [...]

Jack’s painful fractured tooth requires care!

Teeth in dogs & cats are amazingly strong & are essential tools used for eating & playing & picking things up. Despite their strength we routinely see broken teeth that require immediate care. A complicated tooth fracture occurs when the crown of the tooth is fractured & the pulp is exposed (appears as a brown [...]

Heat Stroke in Pets

Regardless of what the temperature or humidity is, always monitor your dog carefully for signs of fatigue or heat stroke. The sooner you notice these signs, the sooner you should stop any form of exercise, cool down your dog, and seek veterinary attention. Signs of heat stroke include: Constant panting Dragging behind (e.g., in other [...]

Cat Herpes Virus?

Don’t worry Herpes Virus in Cats is not contagious to you but it can be contagious to other cats ! Feline herpesvirus isn’t a sexually transmitted disease. It’s a virus infection that is similar to the human virus that causes cold sores. Feline herpesvirus most commonly affects the eyes, the respiratory tract & the gastrointestinal [...]

AAHA Certified Animal Hospital? Dr. Man Explains!

We are excited to ???? celebrate being an AAHA-Accredited Hospital ! AAHA sets the standard of excellence in veterinary medicine. The AAHA Standards of Accreditation are composed of 940 standards & 18 categories covering all areas of veterinary practice—from anesthesia & pain management to record keeping & client communication. AAHA’s practice consultants regularly visit our [...]

Body Language & Pet Stress!

Recognizing your pet’s ???? body language is key to a better experience for your pet at the vet ????! Dr. Man asked Remy’s mom to share some photos & videos of him at home ???? while he is relaxed ! Remy’s story is a typical one of a pet who needed some help reducing his [...]

Cat Scratch Fever Explained!

What is CAT SCRATCH FEVER ? It's a mostly self-resolving illness causing fever & swollen lymph nodes in people. It’s caused by Bartonella henselae & acquired from the scratch or bite of an infected cat, or possibly even from happy cat kisses or licks on broken skin.  Many healthy cats have elevated antibody levels & [...]

Cat Knee Pain & Surgery Explained!

Dwezel the 5 year old cat was limping on his rear left leg & would not place weight on this leg - a symptom of obvious pain! The knee joint of the cat is one of the weakest in its body. It is relatively unstable because there are no interlocking bones in the knee joint. [...]