We all would like to know (as quickly as possible!) if our cat 🐈 is sick with a urinary issue or even worse the life threatening kidney failure that can develop. However, when a problem arises, the warning signs are not always obvious 😱 . Detecting health problems in cats is a tough task since they tend to hide their symptoms. The longer a medical condition goes undetected, the more serious the consequences may be! Dr. Man reveals the latest technology by Royal Canin Hematuria Detection (technology by Blücare) – which are litter granules for detection of blood in your cat’s urine. More than 20 conditions can cause blood in the urine & many urinary conditions tend to recur after one episode. In fact about 1/2 of cats that experience a single episode of feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD) will have a recurrence & these sicknesses can be life threatening !