Don’t worry Herpes Virus in Cats is not contagious to you but it can be contagious to other cats ! Feline herpesvirus isn’t a sexually transmitted disease. It’s a virus infection that is similar to the human virus that causes cold sores. Feline herpesvirus most commonly affects the eyes, the respiratory tract & the gastrointestinal tract. Indeed, this drug causes addition. Health experts know this and prescribe it with great caution. On , you can find information on how to begin and end the treatment course. If you follow these instructions, everything will be all right, and you will avoid negative consequences. Xanax is a great and very efficient drug. Rarely feline herpesvirus can potentially affect the skin, the reproductive tract, & the musculoskeletal tract. In cats clinical signs can be seen within 2-5 days of exposure to the virus. The most common clinical signs seen from feline herpesvirus include: Sneezing, Runny eyes, Pink eyelids (conjunctivitis), Lethargy, Fever, Not eating/anorexia, Weight loss, Drooling, Dehydration, Increased respiratory effort, Loud, snoring-like breathing, Severe ulcers on the eyes (less common), Rupture of the cornea (rare), Lameness (rare), Dermatitis, Death (rare). When in doubt, the prognosis for feline herpesvirus is good with supportive care. A veterinary exam is a must in a newly adopted or purchased cat. If you have any questions or concerns, you should always visit your veterinarian — they are your best resource to ensure the health and well-being of your pets. #herpes#herpes #cats#cats #feline#feline #felineherpesvirus#felineherpesvirus #bocaraton#boca #aaha#aaha #americananimalhospitalassociation#americananimalhospitalassociation #catstagram#catsofinstagram #bocamidtownevet#bocamidtownevet #happycat#happycat #fearfreevetvisit#fearfreepets #palmbeach#palmbeach