Pancreatitis in dogs is a life threatening disease that is difficult to diagnose.

The pancreas is an important organ that helps your dog with digestion.

When your dog’s pancreas is inflammed (pancreatitis) every attempt at eating can make your dog’s condition even worse !

Presenting signs are common & nonspecific & can include vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, & abdominal pain.

Symptoms are indistinguishable from gastroenteritis (belly ache) which is a very common presenting complaint in dogs. Pancreatitis requires hospitalization & appropriate intensive care for your dog which is very different from a case of gastroenteritis. If you suspect your dog has a belly ache it is important that it is addressed ASAP by your veterinarian !

The pancreatic enzymes Amylase & Lipase (included in routine biochemistry blood tests) are not sensitive or specific for pancreatitis. These enzymes should not be relied upon to diagnose pancreatitis.
Only about 50% of pancreatitis cases have elevations in these enzymes.

The Spec cPL Test allows you to quickly & confidently assess pancreatic health in dogs. This simple blood test measures the level of pancreas-specific lipase in the blood. This test allows for rapid diagnosis & early implementation of appropriate therapy for this painful & dangerous disease.

Although prognosis can be grim in many cases of pancreatitis the early diagnosis & intervention often greatly reduces the pain, sickness, & death that can be associated with pancreatitis patients.