Question : How do 2 Lumps DISAPPEAR in just 1 MINUTE ?


Muffin is a 17 & 1/2 years with some NEW LUMPS


Thanks to DIGITAL CYTOLOGY we can prove what we need to do for LUMPS in minutes (in LESS than 2 HOURS !)

This REDUCES STRESS for Pet Parents who worry about their beloved fur babies !

The CYTOLOGY TEST (microscopic interpretation of cells) has been truly revolutionized !

After a NON-INVASIVE aspiration with a FINE NEEDLE, slides are made for a microscope.

In the past we had to:

1. WAIT for a lab courier for pick up

2. Glass slides to a reference lab facility

3. WAIT for pathologist to be assigned to read the glass slides

4. FINALLY receive a cytology report

This process went from days to minutes & has enabled our team to act faster than ever without having to wait on test results!

This means we can have patients like Muffin sent to an oncologist or a surgeon the same day we initially evaluate the lump !

Our in house high definition images are easily manipulated on the large touch screen while we wait a few minutes for the cytology report online.

Digital Cytology = Truly Amazing !

High Power 45 Watt CO2 Laser =

Fast Cutting
Short Anesthesia Time
Less Trauma
Less Pain
Quick Recovery

What is SuperPulse Laser Magic ?

It stops collateral thermal damage to the surrounding tissue = a quick & minimally invasive incision !

The tissue is exposed to less laser light which reduces tissue trauma !

How do we achieve a BLOODLESS incision ?

By contraction of collagen on the endothelial wall of blood vessel !

How does Laser REDUCE PAIN ?

By sealing nerve endings !

How does Laser REDUCE SWELLING ?

By sealing lymphatics !

Laser is so precise it can selectively remove a few tissue cells at a time. It is also powerful enough to de-bulk entire tumors.

It is used to make unique bloodless laser incisions, as well as “erase” unhealthy tissue without excessive loss of unavoidable in conventional scalpel surgery.